Conference Topics

We invite all the prospective participants to submit original and scientific studies related to, but not limited to, the following topics:

  Environmental Science and Health

  Science, Technology, and Sustainability Engineering

  Pollution Control (Water, Soil, and Air) and Management

  Water/Wastewater Treatment, Process Technology, and Recycling

  Drinking Water, Water Ressources and Supply

  Climate Change Impact on Drinking Water

  Water Practice, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development

  Occurrence and Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in Water

  Formation and Control of Disinfection By-Products

  Photo-Electro-Catalysis, Electrochemical Science and Technology

  Advanced Oxidation Technology

  Innovative Nanotechnology and Biotechnology

  Advanced Nanomaterials and Their Applications

  Global Environmental Change and Management of Ecosystems

  Climate Research, Geographic, and Earth Observation Systems

  Agricultural Issues, Ecology, and Aquatic Ecosystems

  Environmental Restoration, Bioremediation, and Ecological Engineering

  Statistics Modelling and Simulation: Environmental Applications

  Analytical Chemistry (Metals, Organics, and Inorganic Compounds)

  Development of Analytical Methods (Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry)

  Sample Preparation, Purification, and Extraction

  Green Chemistry and Clean Technology

  Food Chemistry, Agrochemical, Processing of Animal Products, and Safety

  Energy, Bioenergy, and Renewable Energy

  Biology and Biodiversity

  Microbiology and Ecotoxicological Tools for Risk Assessment

  Medical Sciences, Biology, and Biodiversity

   All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by at least two members of the International Committees; additional reviewers will be consulted if needed. The acceptance of abstracts will be based on originality, significance, and the clarity of the research study.

   For any questions or further information about conference topics, please contact the Organizing Committee (Contact Link).

    For technical problems or submission support, please contact (Contact Link).