Submission of Abstract, Poster presentation, and Oral presentation

Submission of Abstract

   The Scientific Committee will determine whether the abstracts that are submitted will be accepted for presentation, and consideration will be given to the author’s preference. Abstracts must be received by the announced deadline.

   Based on the abstracts received, a stringent review will be undertaken by the Program Committee to select abstracts for the conference and to decide the most appropriate format (Oral or Poster presentation). The selection criteria include high technical quality, relevance to the topics of interest and depth of content.

   Abstract(s) must be submitted ONLINE via the conference account (Submission Link). Please create an account (email address and password) to start submitting abstract(s). ABSTRACT(S) SUBMITTED BY E-MAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

   All abstracts/presentations must be submitted and presented in either English or French.

   All abstracts should be submitted and presented in clear language with accurate grammar and spelling, and be of a quality suitable for publication.

  If you need help with a review of your abstract by an editor who is a native English/French speaker, please send an email requesting a quote of the applicable fees.

Important notes

  Before submitting an abstract, the presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and that they agree to its submission.

  Before starting the submission process, remember to check the Important Dates, Submission Conditions, and Registration Fees.

  The submission form allows you to store your abstract as a draft until the deadline. If the final abstract is not submitted before the deadline, the draft will be deleted.

  Click on the SUBMIT button at the end of the process in order to save your abstract. You may log in to the system up to the submission deadline to make changes in your abstract. After the deadline, changes will not be possible.

  After you submit your abstract, you will receive an abstract ID number via e-mail. Please refer to this abstract number in all correspondence regarding the abstract.

  Notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance of abstracts will be sent to submitting authors. It is the submitting author’s responsibility to inform all co-authors of the status of the abstracts. Please contact us if you have not received response of Scientific Committee: Contact Link.

  Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract.

  Only abstracts of authors who have paid their registration fees by the Early Registration deadline will be scheduled for presentation and included in the Conference Program .

  No abstracts be published on the Conference website.

  Submissions may not contain patients' names, hospital ID numbers, or any other identifying information.

   Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest: those who submit documents will be required to disclose any conflicts of interest in the abstracts.

  If you encounter problems at any point in the abstract submission process, please contact the Congress Secretariat: Contact Link

Submission of Poster presentation,
and Oral presentation

Instructions for the preparation of Poster presentations and Oral presentations will be made available on the Conference website : Click here.

  Poster Presentation Guidelines:

Please ask our staff if you have any questions or need assistance: (Contact Link).

  Oral Presentation Guidelines:

Please ask our staff if you have any questions or need assistance: (Contact Link).

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